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A rogue nation cannot be trusted, and should not be rewarded

China's troubling record on trade, human rights, weapons and foreign policy has shown little improvement in recent years.  If we allow China into the WTO, we do so at the expense of compassion and common sense.

As Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott explains, "there remain significant questions about whether an agreement with China can be enforced fully and fairly and about the effect it could have on religious freedoms, human rights and our national security."

Labor unions are especially concerned.  The following is a statement by AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, released November 15, 1999:

The fevered rush to admit China to the WTO is a grave mistake. It is disgustingly hypocritical of the Clinton White House to invoke the need to "put a human face on the global economy" while prostrating itself in pursuit of a trade deal with a rogue nation that decorates itself with human rights abuses as if they were medals of honor.

At a time when WTO rules protecting workers' and human rights and the environment are yet unwritten, this agreement undermines that possibility and squanders a chance for the WTO to achieve the legitimacy it and other international institutions lack among people around the world.

By continuing to persecute dissenters, to imprison labor leaders and worker activists and to export goods produced by child and slave labor, China shows it has no interest in playing by even the most basic rules of the world community.

The agreement reached this weekend would deal away our democratic principles and most cherished values and we will fight it.

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